News Updates

Martock Community Group

The Martock Community Group presented a cheque for £450 to Ash CEVC Primary School.

This generous donation came from money collected as they toured local villages with their Santa sleigh at Christmas time.


Praise for Key Stage 2 writing.

We are pleased to have received a letter from the Secretary of State for Education, praising the school for success in the standard of Key Stage 2 writing.

The letter is available for reading below.

Top 1% of primary schools in England for writing.

Somerset schools SATs results

Fantastic results for Ash during 2018, coming 6th out of all Somerset schools for SATS results.

Full details avaialble via the following link:

Top 10 performing schools

Ash Primary School Races - 2019

Dates for the Ash Excellent Eight and Town Tree Trail races, along with entry forms are available via the website.

Excellent Eight website.

Social Media

Regular updates of school activities are also published on our school Facebook page.

Ash Primary School - Facebook Page.

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