Almighty God
We pray that you help us to work together.
Help us to be kind and caring to each other.
We ask that you bless our school and guide us in our learning.

Under the provisions of the Education Reform Act parents have a right to withdraw their children from the daily act of worship. Parents should discuss this with the Headteacher.

Worship takes place in Ash Church of England Primary Schoool on a daily basis. It is led by the Headteacher, class teachers and visitors from the local Christian faith groups. We are fortunate to welcome worship leaders from Holy Trinity Church, the United Reformed Church and Martock Christian Fellowship. We work closely with Martock Church of England Primary School and the church leaders to plan our worship for each term. 

These plans support our Christian ethos and focus on themes which help the children explore Christian faith.

Worship takes place in the school hall and sometimes in Holy Trinity Church. Revd David Gent has guided the school on the content and delivery of worship. He joins us regularly to help support the Headteacher and teachers in whole school and class worship and in the teaching of RE.

The following documents give timetabled information about our Worship activities:

The following documents provide some Worship themes that have been presented within the school:


Prayers for our families

  • Thank you God for our families,
    For our parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents,
    For aunties and uncles and those who love us,
    For all they do to keep us happy and safe,
    For helping when things are difficult and challenging,
    For all the fun we have together and the special times
    Thank you for our Christian family and for Jesus

  • May the love of God our Father
    Be in all our homes today;
    May the love of the Lord Jesus
    Be in our hearts and minds always;
    May his loving Holy Spirit
    Guide and bless everyone I love,
    Keeping them always safe and well.