Welcome to Class 1

Class teacher: Miss Wilkinson
Classroom assistants:Miss Scott

Our Week
In Year 1 we do many exciting activities and we learn to work together! Some of our activities include art, Spanish, music and computing. We love to share stories together and we are learning to be fantastic writers and illustrators. We are also becoming amazing mathematicians and problem solvers.

This year we will learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and we will solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We are lucky to have specialist teachers for some subjects in the afternoons:

  • On a Tuesday afternoon we have music with Mrs Maple, PE with Miss Mann & Mr Watts, and Spanish with Miss Wilkinson.
  • On a Thursday afternoon Mrs Jones will teach Class 1 art, and we will go to Mr. Ives for ICT.
  • On a Friday afternoon Mrs Morris will teach Class 1 RE, and we will go to Mr Watts for PE.

I will dismiss the class on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday afternoon Mrs Jones will be at the gate dismissing, and on Fridays it will be Mrs Morris. On Thursday and Friday afternoons please do give any messages to Mrs Jones and Mrs Morris so they can pass them on to me.

We will start forest school and swimming during the spring term. Swimming will be on a Friday morning and forest school will be on a Friday afternoon.

class1 timetable 2018


Morning Routines
In Year 1 we support children to become independent and resilient learners. We ask that you help us with this by encouraging your child to be responsible for carrying their things to school and putting them away in the morning. 

The bell rings at 8:55 and we ask all parents to leave the playground by this time so that the children can line up and listen to their instructions for Wake and Shake. Children arriving after 8:55 are late and should be taken to the office with their things.

If a different adult will be collecting your child at the end of the day, please do come and let me know in the morning.

All money and reply slips should always be taken to the office please.


We check Reading Records daily to monitor children's reading and keep a record of when they have read. Books are changed daily. We ask that all children read with an adult a minimum of 4 times a week to support their progress. We have a “Super Solar System” in class which rewards regular reading. Whenever a child has read five times, they are allowed to move their name to the next planet/satellite. When they reach the last planet (after 50 reads) they can choose a prize.

Children should regularly engage in discussion about what they have read to ensure they develop their vocabulary and comprehension. Here is a suggestion for what reading at home could involve to support a child's progress in both fluency and comprehension:

Reading for Fluency
(at least three times a week)

Reading for Comprehension
(at least once a week)

Encourage children to:

  • point to each sound with their finger
  • sound out & blend
  • chop unfamiliar words into smaller parts by covering part of the word
  • use the pictures and context to figure out words
  • recognise common suffixes like ‘ing’, ‘ed’ and ‘er’.

Encourage children to:

  • explain what happened in the beginning, the middle and the end
  • talk about the characters, how they feel and why, finding evidence in the text
  • explain what key words mean
  • answer questions like “Find me the part which tells us…”
  • talk about what they learned from a non-fiction book


The above is only a guide and will need to be adapted for individuals; please come and let us know if you would like any more guidance. Throughout the year the amount of comprehension practise children do at home should increase, as their fluency improves.  Please record in the reading record or come and let me know if you have any questions.

The Year 1 maths curriculum includes a wide range of new content for the children to learn. As well as learning new number facts, we will also be developing our problem solving and reasoning.

We use Mathletics, a fun programme and app, to help us with our maths, and you can also use this at home with your child. I have also included below some optional ideas for practical maths at home. 

class1 maths 2018

In Year 1 we learn about all sorts of different texts, including stories, information reports, letters, poems, and many more.

Once we are able to confidently form our letters we will begin to introduce joined handwriting. You can see the joins we use on Youtube by searching for Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet. We teach children to join as and when they are ready, with a focus on using the correct joins.

The list of words we learn to spell in Year 1 can be found on the website here.

Our library sessions are on Wednesdays. Your child may keep their book for longer than a week if they wish. When your child has finished with their book, please can it come back into class on a Wednesday so that we can scan it as a return, and then issue a new book. After three weeks the book is classed as overdue and a reminder will be sent home in the reading record.


Show & Tell
Show and Tell is on a Thursday. Each child has two show & tell turns each term and they may choose when they take their turns. Show and tell items could be souvenirs, seasonal items, photos, things children have made or written, favourite books etc. We ask that children do not bring toys for show and tell. We also have the “Treasure Tray” which is for anything the children have done in school or at home which they are especially proud of and would like to share with the class or with a teacher.


Updates and Information
Please see the class noticeboard for day to day information and messages. If you have any questions or concerns, please just speak to one of the staff.

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