Welcome to Class 1

Class teacher: Mr Toby Morgan 

Classroom assistant: Mrs Catherine Whitehead

Year 1
In Year 1 we do many exciting activities and we learn to work together! Some of our activities include art, Spanish, music and computing. We love to share stories together and we are learning to be fantastic writers and illustrators. We are also becoming amazing mathematicians and problem solvers.

Home learning is really important to help us with our progress in year 1. You will find lots of ideas for how to support your child under the “Home Learning Resources” section of the website.

Class1 Timetable2020


We will start forest school and swimming during the spring term. Swimming will be on a Friday morning.


Reading at Home
We check Reading Records daily to monitor children's reading and keep a record of when they have read. Books are changed Monday/Wednesday and Friday. We ask that all children read with an adult at least 4 times a week to support their progress.

A short, fun and focused session (5 – 15 minutes) is ideal for quality reading practise and may mean only reading a few pages. Please just record in the reading record if you would like to keep a book for longer so your child can finish it or practise it again.

Children should regularly engage in discussion about what they have read to ensure they develop their vocabulary and comprehension. Reading at home should include a balance of practising sounds, reading for fluency and reading for comprehension. Activities you could use are detailed below:

Class1 Reading Chart2019

 You may find it works well to pick one bullet point from each list to focus on in each reading session. The above is only a guide and may need to be adapted for individuals; please come and let us know (or write in the reading record) if you would like any more guidance.

We want all children to develop a love of reading, so if your child is finding reading at home challenging please do come and see me.

The Year 1 maths curriculum includes a wide range of new content for the children to learn.

The ability to understand and use mathematical language is vital for children to access the curriculum. Many children find this challenging, so for the autumn term we will be sending home a maths talk task every fortnight, to be handed in every other Wednesday. This will be an image and some question prompts to inspire a mathematical discussion. The talk task should take around 15 minutes every fortnight and we ask you to share some of your child’s responses either by writing them on the provided printout or on Tapestry. We will then share the responses in class.

I have included some optional ideas for extra practical maths at home in the Home Learning section of the website.

In Year 1 we learn about all sorts of different texts, including stories, information reports, letters, poems, and many more. We consolidate our learning on letter formation and we learn how to use capital letters, full stops and other forms of punctuation correctly.

The list of words we learn to spell in Year 1 can be found on the website under Class 1 à Home Learning Resources.

Show & Tell
Show and Tell is on a Wednesday. This Autumn Term it is all about 'Mini Beasts'.  Show and tell items could be souvenirs, seasonal items, photos or artifacts. No toys please.

We usually have a topic display in class so all children are welcome to bring in objects related to our topic at any time to go on our display.

Updates and Information
All money and reply slips should always be taken to the office please. 

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