Welcome to Class 3

We are a Class of year 3 children. Our teachers are Mrs Woods (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mr Jones (Thursday and Fridays) .Miss Harrison and Mrs Frampton also support the learning in our class.

Class3 2020


We do lots of learning through discovery and have a wide creative curriculum. We explore and learn outdoors as much as possible enhancing collaborative, language and questioning skills. 


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We have topic days when we dress up, research and present information plus taking part in role play linked to the things we are learning. 


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In Literacy we do lots of drama and retelling of stories so that we get really good at writing. We write in different genres and work hard on improving and redrafting in order to produce our best work. We listen to and read lots of books by different authors to improve our vocabulary and writing style. All classes do Letters and Sounds four mornings a week where we focus on spelling, grammar and handwriting.

Class3 2020 2

Maths is fun; we play lots of games and work with numbers up to 1,000 and beyond. We work hard on learning our times tables and doing written calculations. By the end of this year we should know our 3,4,5,6 and 8 times tables and be confident doing written and mental calculations explaining the process that we have used. We learn how to problem solve and to work systematically talking through and discussing our answers. Our number work is also linked to measure, money and time.

In the afternoons we do topic work which includes; researching information, field visits, art, science, history, design and technology and geography.

More specific information on the topics covered is included in the class plans.


In Class 3 we work as a team, we have decided on rules that enable our class to work happily and successfully.

 Class 3 Charter

  • We try hard to stay hygienic and safe

  • We use gentle hands, never snatch and we say kind things to each other.

  • We share toys and equipment.

  • We change our trainers if we’ve been outside

  • We tidy up things that we have used and keep our equipment safe

  • We put our hand up if we want to say something

  • We work hard and do as we are asked

  • We try hard to keep our cloakroom safe and tidy.

  • Sometimes we might upset someone-even if it is an accident, we apologise.


Timetable Class 3 2020-2021

Class3 Timetable 2020





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