Class 3 Letters

Class information

  • Thank-you – We would like to express our thanks for your compliance and how well the children have come back, enthusiastic and ready to start a new class.
  • Handwashing - We are all working really hard to keep your children safe and have timetabled in regular handwashing and sanitising times throughout the day. Please encourage your child to be independent and responsible.
  • Introduction of staff – Mrs Woods (Monday-Wednesday) Mr Jones (Thursday and Fridays). Miss Harrison and Mrs Frampton also help within the classroom.
  • Morning routine – book bags and bags put away. Trainers on every day and go outside ready for Wake and Shake.
  • Wake and Shake - every morning except when swimming (swimming will be resumed at a later date.)
  • Trainers - all children need them for the grass. As the weather gets more unreliable the children will need a change of play clothes and wellies in order to continue to use the school field.
  • P.E. - this will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure that your child’s clothes are clearly labelled. We will also endeavour to do P.E outside in most weathers, please could your child have warm clothing as the weather gets worse.
  • Homework - set most weeks, goes out generally on a Thursday, and needs to come back following Wednesday. Please put homework back in the homework box not in the reading bags! Homework will be linked to activities covered in class. Please can your child do their homework in pencil, let them talk about their work and teach you their strategies especially in maths. Please encourage your child to take pride in the presentation of their work. If the homework proves a problem please feel free to write a comment in their homework books.
  • Spelling tests- will be set by the Letters and Sounds teacher and will be tested each Monday. The children need the whole week to learn them not just the night before and they need to keep revising previous weeks. The children should be able to explain the spelling rules to you and the meaning of the words they are learning. It works well is your child looks at the word, covers it and then spells it.
  • Reading- it is very important for your child to read almost every day and to make this quality time- every week we will be checking the frequency that your child reads. You don’t need to read the whole book- shorter quality time is far more important, with an adult sitting down enjoying a relaxed time. As the children become more confident they need to discuss what they read, understanding the vocabulary, writing style and the varied punctuation. Please try to get your child to read with expression and to read a variety of books talking about what they are reading. In class we will be doing whole class texts working on higher level comprehension skills, inference and vocabulary. During this year our real aim is that all the children really learn to love books and read for pleasure. Due to COVID books returned from home have to be unused for 48 hours so your child’s books will be changed every other day.
  • Please continue reading to your child books slightly above their reading level, this hugely helps their vocabulary, comprehension and written skills. There is a huge correlation between consistent reading and sharing of books at home and SATS results.
  • Literacy – we will be really focussing on punctuation and grammar and will be writing stories, poems, plays, information leaflets, descriptive extracts and recounts. The children are continually being encouraged to read through and improve their work using dictionaries and thesauruses. Please can you help your child apply their knowledge of the alphabet when using simple dictionaries?
  • Letter and Sounds – all children throughout the school have been assessed and ability grouped. The government’s curriculum has a big emphasis on spelling, dictation and grammar.
  • Maths- place value is the main focus at the beginning of this year-they will have lots of practical work understanding the value of each digit plus reading and writing numbers up to 1000. Please help your child to become confident counting up and back in 10s, 2s etc. spanning the 100s. During this year the children will learn lots of formal written methods of calculation , it is now quite different from how we set them out, please allow your child to show you how we do them in school when they bring them home for homework. Year 3 children need to be very confident with their 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 x tables by the end of this year. Please can you also encourage your child to use and be confident with money and learn to tell the time. Cooking at home is an excellent activity as it helps with skills such as: following instructions and reading scales when measuring weight and capacity. Games such as Monopoly and IT programmes such as Mathletics, Topmarks, Maths Frame etc. all help to enhance learning.
  • Topic- During this half term the children will be learning how to read simple maps and to explore a variety of maps from world to local large scale maps of Ash. They will also be learning their address and what each line of their address means- using maps to find counties, towns, villages and coastal resorts in the South West of England. We will be using compass directions and simple grid references.
  • In Science we will be learning about fossils and rocks, how they are formed and how rocks are used in our everyday lives. The children in science will have lots of practical activities encouraging their investigative skills.


If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to make an appointment with Mrs Woods or Mr Jones.

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