Welcome to Class 5


Class Teacher: Mrs Radford-Hyland and Mrs Jones. 

Welcome to Class Five. We are a fun and friendly class made up of 35 Year 5 and Year 4 children.  The Year 4 children are taught by Mrs Maple in the mornings and then come into Class 5 during the afternoons.

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A typical week in Class 5 will look like this:  

 Class5 Timtable2018 19

In Class 5 we work as a team. Here are the rules we have created to enable our class to work happily and successfully together: 


Class 4 rules

  1. We will always be positive about our learning and try our best even when we find work challenging.
  2. We will be considerate of each other’s feelings respecting that sometimes others need space and time out. 
  3. We will respect the views and opinions of others.
  4. We will take care of school property and each other’s belongings. 
  5. We will listen carefully to our teachers and other children and not chat when they are speaking
  6. We will use respectful language and words appropriate for school.
  7. We will keep the classroom and cloakroom clean and tidy and help pack away at the end of lessons.
  8. We will let others join in with our games at playtime.
  9. We will seek help from an adult when we are experiencing friendship difficulties and not get involved in other people’s disagreements. 


In Class Five we enjoy learning in many different ways and we encourage children to bring in any home learning to share with their peers.   Please help your child as much as you can.

Each week they will have spellings to learn and Maths or Literacy homework. 

 An atlas and a dictionary at home and regular visits to your local library are strongly recommended, as are visits to places of interest.

The children may occasionally have additional IPC homework tasks to complete.

 Please ensure your child is regularly reading at home and makes a clear record of this reading in their reading record book.

Regular practising of times table facts would also be of great benefit to your child.  


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