Welcome to Class 6

Teachers:  Mrs Griffin
Assistant: Mrs Morris

class6 2019 wholeclass

Our aim over the year is to have great fun learning in a safe and caring environment and to have high expectations of ourselves. In Class 6 we build on personal responsibility and organisation as key preparation to their future years ahead as they move through the final years of primary education and on towards secondary school.

What is needed when!

reading book
homework diary
Year 6 maths homework
Year 6 Grammar homework
spelling book

reading book
homework diary
spelling book
PE kit
instrument/recorder for music lesson

reading book
homework diary
spelling book

reading book
homework diary
Band instruments/recorders
Year 6 guided reading sheet
spelling book

Friday :
reading book
homework diary
swimming things/PE kit

Study guides, once given out, may be used in lessons on any day and are there to aid homework.   Pencil cases may be kept in school in the storage drawers.


By the time our pupils leave class 6 we hope they with be confident young people, who have a love for learning and the personal skills to enable them to be valued members of a team. 

We have drawn up our class rules which will help support our aim.

Year 6 Class Charter 2019-2020  

Always listen and work our hardest.
Respect other people's efforts, interests and beliefs.
Be organised.
Respect people's belongings and the school.
Allow people to concentrate.
Encourage others and give things a go. 
Be kind, honest and well mannered.
Be patient and don't give up.
Move around the school sensibly.
Keep the outside playtime rules.
Be a good role model.


Our timetable

Class6 Timetable2019

Most mornings Year 6 concentrate on literacy and numeracy, working hard to improve skills, to become more independent as a learner and to prepare for the SATs tests in May. They also try to become more organised, ready for their move to secondary school. In the afternoons we cover our Science, History and Geography topics as well as PE, RE, Spanish and Music on a Tuesday afternoon.

Year 6 will also be tackling their SATs tests in May and then will be preparing for secondary school as well as creating an Ash School version of a musical masterpiece. We will also be enjoying five days away on a Year 6 residential where we will try our hand at many outdoor activities, team building activities and lots more.

RE is taught by Mrs Morris on a Tuesday afternoon. The focus is on helping the children understand the importance of faith and how this affects the way people choose to live their lives. The topics over the year are: Hinduism and aspects of Christianity.


In class 6 we expect the children to spend half an hour a night on homework activities, this should include daily reading which needs to be recorded in the yellow record books, spellings, tables, some maths tasks, grammar task and guided reading which should be shared with an adult. Every child has a homework diary with details of set tasks which should be signed at the weekend when they have been completed.

We hope that many children will enjoy the wide range of clubs on offer and will support the school in music and sporting activities as their experience and maturity make them excellent role models. The year 6 all have a buddy in Class R who they support during their first year at school.


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