Welcome to Class 4


We are a class of year 4 children.

Our teacher is Mrs Maple. 

There are 19 (10 girls and 9 boys) of us working together in the morning. Our classroom is the hall! This means we have plenty of space to do our learning. In the mornings, we do Letters and Sounds, Literacy and Maths. We are particularly working on our reasoning skills in Maths so that we are able to explain our understanding and apply it in different contexts. In Literacy we are really enjoying listening to extracts from Five Children and It and doing tasks related to the story. We are enthusiastic learners!

On Friday mornings we are taught by Mrs Roberts.

In the afternoon we are split over two classes:  some of us are with Class 3 (Mrs Woods) and some of us are with class 4 (Mrs Radford-Hyland)

We are enjoying our topic about Europe. We are also very enthusiastic about learning to play the ukulele in Music.

We have agreed a class set of values. They are:

  • kindness to others
  • honesty (about our learning and things that happen)
  • respect (for each other and property)



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