Welcome to Class 2


Who we are
Mrs Divall teaches Year 2 and is supported by Miss Scott.  

‘Letters and Sounds’ is a short daily session, taught in small groups, by all of the Key Stage 1 staff and children’s groups/teachers can change during the year.

Mr Norman delivers P.E. twice a week, Mrs Maple does music with Class 2 on Thursday afternoons and Miss Wilkinson teaches Spanish on Thursday afternoons.

Please refer to the timetable for more information.

class2 timetable2019


Books /Reading
To encourage Year 2s to read daily, we have a Reading Lighthouse. Children move up the sections of the lighthouse, every time they have read on 5 separate occasions. Each morning, Miss Scott will record whether they have read or not on the previous evening. This may mean only reading a few pages- quality over quantity. Children should always engage in discussion about what they have read, particularly in light of the new curriculum, which requires a good level of comprehension and vocabulary at the end of Year 2.

Children should be able to read 90% of the words in their reading book i.e. 1 or 2 new words per book. Record in the reading record if you would like us to check the level of book that your child is reading.

The children are heard read during a bi-weekly Guided Reading sessions and have a quiet reading time in Class three times a week. We also run a Reading Mentor scheme, where some children have the opportunity to read with an adult once or twice a week. This is by invitation only and is organised by Mrs Woods. If you would like to volunteer for this scheme, please speak directly with Mrs Woods.


Morning Routine
All money and reply slips should always be taken to the office please. Children should put their book bags in the labelled box in the shed and their drink bottle in the Water Bottle Box. We would also be very grateful if children could place their reading books and reading record in the box, ready for Miss Scott to check and change.

The ringing of the bell is a signal for the children to line up and for parents to leave. We would greatly appreciate your support with this, as it can be hard to get the children to focus on the instructions being given, if parents are still in the playground area. Please remember that children may be left on the playground from 8.50am, as a member of staff is on duty.


Spellings/Letters and Sounds
Children across the school have been split into phonic groups (Letters and Sounds) and spend the first 20 minutes of every day (except Friday) in these groups, practising the sounds which they need to learn. Your child’s Letters and Sounds teacher may or may not send home spellings or activity sheets for your child to do, in preparation for an assessment each week.

Year 2s should be able to join their handwriting by the end of the year and teaching the joins is a priority in term 1.

We have a ‘naughty’ maths fairy who comes and moves numbers around the Classroom during the night. Children might like to have a quick look in the morning to see if anything has changed.

Children take it in turns to wear a Class watch for the day and help to be ‘Time Monitors’.

The Year 2 maths curriculum is challenging. Therefore, anything extra you can do at home with the following will make a huge difference:

  • Time
  • Weights/measures
  • Shape
  • Money
  • Mathletics (Log in details in front of Reading Record)- please print out certificates gained to be presented in Assembly.


In addition, Year 2s will have a small number of number bonds to learn by heart each week. These will be sent home in a small book and will be tested weekly each Friday.

Ash has a clear homework policy which values the time you spend with your child outside of school, doing lots of other fun things that we can’t do during lessons. However, occasionally we may send home an optional activity to support our learning in school.


PE Kit/Wellies/Waterproof
Please keep the above in school everyday.

Daps or trainers should be worn for PE.

Children should wear trainers/wellies and a waterproof jacket if they want to play on the field at break/lunch times. During the winter months, it may be necessary for children to change into tracksuit bottoms at break/lunch time if they want to go on the field.

Lost Property
There is a box in the shed into which all unlabelled clothing/items go. This is in addition to the school lost property bin, which is under the stairs that lie between the Library and the Office.

Collecting Children
All children can be collected from the Honeypot door. Please let us know if someone different will be collecting your child and record your child’s name and who will be collecting them, on a corner of the white board.

Show and Tell
Unfortunately, we don’t have time to do Show and Tell every day. Seasonal ‘Show and Tells’ are brilliant e.g. conkers in the Autumn, seashells in the Summer and of course, anything related to our topic. No toys please.


Class Captain and Barnaby Bear
Year 2 children take it in turns to be ‘Class Captain’ for the day and take Barnaby Bear home.


Kindness Bucket
To encourage kindness, Class 2 has a ‘Kindness Bucket’, into which pebbles are added every time a member of staff witnesses an act of kindness. When the bucket is full, the children agree upon a whole class treat.


Topic Work
Each half term we have a different topic, through which we teach a range of subjects such as science, history, geography, international learning, Art, D.T. and R.E. Any Show and Tell related to this topic will be gratefully received- we want the children to be as involved as possible and try to plan around their interests and preferences. We send home a letter about each new topic, at least once a half term.


Forest School and Swimming
Year 2s will swim for two half terms during the year. A letter will be sent home, with more details, nearer the time.

All Year 2s may have an opportunity to attend a 5-6 week block of Forest School, which is run by Mr Robjohn. More information will be sent home in a letter.

If your child is staying to a club after school, please let a member of staff know. Parents do not need to cover the transition between the end of the day and the club starting; a member of staff will be assigned to this responsibility. You may like to send your child with a piece of fruit to eat, before their club starts.

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