School Band and Choir
The school band and choir meet on alternate Wednesdays, from 3.30 – 4.15. All children from year 3 - 6 who play an instrument or who want to sing are welcome to attend.


  • Recorders
    All year 2 children learn to play the recorder with weekly whole group lessons. Recorder continues to be taught as part of school music lessons.  Children can choose to continue more challenging music in small group lessons in years 3 – 6.
  • Brass
    All year 3 children have a weekly brass lesson with Mr Keith Thomas from Somerset Music. These lessons and instrument hire are completely free for parents and are funded through the Wider Opportunities Music scheme and school funds.
    There is an ‘open brass lesson’ for parents at the end of each term.
    Children can continue with small group brass lessons in the following years. There is the opportunity for children to work towards various music awards.
    All our brass players will hopefully have the opportunity to perform at the South Somerset Music Spectacular, as in the last two years.


Individual and Small group tuition is also available - 

Monday Flute / Clarinet Mr. Hyatt
Guitar Richard Osborne
Tuesday Recorder
Wednesday Brass Keith Thomas
Thursday Piano
Violin Jess Dalwood
Friday Year 3 Brass (Wider Opportunities) Keith Thomas


These lessons take place during school time. Parents have to make a financial contribution towards the costs of the lessons which are subsidised from school funds. Children are required to practise regularly. At least half a term’s notice is required if a child wishes to stop having the lessons.

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