At Ash Primary School we value the role of music as an important part of the wider curriculum for every child. We value music because of its contribution to:

  • broadening the life experience of each child
  • building self –confidence and self-esteem
  • encouraging self-discipline
  • developing both individual and teamwork skills
  • giving opportunity for developing practical skills by using a variety of instruments
  • the understanding that information and instructions can be presented in notation and symbols
  • the well-being and enjoyment of each child

Every child has the opportunity to learn music through a class lesson each week; delivered by a music specialist. Children in Year 3 also have WCET (Whole Class Ensemble Teaching) delivered by a brass specialist. All children from Year 2 upwards, have the opportunity to learn the recorder. Every child also has the opportunity to sing in weekly Singing Assembly as well as collective worship and school church services. Key Stage 2 children also participate in performances, including the Christmas Concert and the annual school production. Digital sound is taught in the context of ICT lessons by an ICT specialist.

In addition to this, there are many extra-curricular opportunities. The School Choir rehearses fortnightly and performs in school, in local locations such as old people’s homes, as well as concerts further afield. The School Band rehearses fortnightly, providing extra opportunities for our woodwind, string and brass players. There are two recorder groups who practice weekly to enhance their skills in preparation for performances. We have a Year 5/6 Ukulele Group which rehearses weekly.

Individual instrumental lessons are available in woodwind, violin, guitar, brass, piano and drums. These lessons are delivered by peripatetic specialists in the Music Room.


Individual and Small group tuition is also available - 

Monday Flute / Clarinet Mr. Hyatt
Guitar Richard Osborne
Tuesday Recorder
Wednesday Brass Keith Thomas
Thursday Piano
Violin Jess Dalwood
Friday Year 3 Brass (Wider Opportunities) Keith Thomas


These lessons take place during school time. Parents have to make a financial contribution towards the costs of the lessons which are subsidised from school funds. Children are required to practise regularly. At least half a term’s notice is required if a child wishes to stop having the lessons.

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