Art at Ash Church of England VC Primary School

At Ash school we hope to inspire the children to explore and enjoy all art forms and to understand the opportunities available to them through the art world. We aim to share with the children the range of art forms available, how they play a pivotal role in society today and how the skills learnt can lead to a viable and rewarding career path.

We strive to offer children a wide range of activities which incorporate artistic skills across a rich and varied curriculum, providing both integrated experiences which link to topics and discrete art lessons with a more focused outcome. We encourage them to express their individuality and thus build their self-esteem through the work they do in school and challenges set at home.

At Ash we understand the impact the natural world can have on a child’s creativity and sense of well-being. We take advantage of our beautiful surroundings and base many of our lessons on the natural palette on our doorstep; collecting or studying materials, exploring colour, texture, mood and perspective within the wonders of our diverse and exciting environment.

We exploit the wealth of expertise in our area by visiting local galleries/studios and inviting local artists in to share their knowledge and work; creating inspiring and powerful learning experiences for the children. We celebrate art during our Arts Week/Fortnight in the autumn term each year. This culminates in a large display for the local community and parents to view.

We hope that children who are part of Ash Primary School are passionate about Art and not only have a love for learning but can appreciate its value within the curriculum and in their own well-being.


Ellen Jones - Art Coordinator