Computing at Ash Church of England VC Primary School


At Ash School we aim to give all pupils the skills to prepare them for their future, in a world of rapidly-changing technology.
Through teaching Computing, we strive to facilitate children’s learning using both hardware and software tools.
We strive to help them develop the necessary skills for using information in a discriminating, effective and safe way. This is a major part of enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners.
We aim to provide a thorough and age appropriate e-safety curriculum delivered to all pupils, to teach children how to stay safe when using computing technology in school or at home.

We strive to offer children a wide range of activities which incorporate technological skills across a rich and varied curriculum, providing both integrated experiences which link to topics and discrete computing-orientated lessons with a more focused outcome. We encourage them to express their individuality and thus build their self-esteem through the work they do in school, through:

  • Allowing children to have access to a range of ICT resources including emerging technologies. 
  • Constantly researching new tools and methods to deliver a stimulating curriculum.
  • Encouraging children to achieve success in ICT by learning the skills set out in our scheme of work.
  • Giving children the opportunity to choose and use ICT creatively in all areas of the curriculum enabling them to see the relevance of ICT in everyday life.
  • Encouraging staff to continually improve and develop their ICT skills through professional development.
  • Using ICT to promote links with parents and the wider community. The ethos of learning will be inclusive and will enable parents to engage with their child's learning, beyond the school-day.
  • Teaching all pupils how to use the internet safely, not by limiting their use of the internet, but by teaching sensible use of it

E-Safety education is delivered through half termly e-safety lessons within classes. Each half term a new topic is covered which is appropriate to the children’s age. Further e-safety teaching is provided through computing lessons, which follow the in-depth national curriculum, providing a diverse and comprehensive e-safety education to all children. In addition, each year children are asked to read and sign an Acceptable Use Agreement for using computing equipment in school, which has a strong focus on keeping children safe online. This agreement is displayed in classes as a reminder of how importantly adults and children regard e-safety at Ash Primary School. Throughout the year assemblies take place on new and important e-safety topics so children and adults can stay up to date with new e-safety risks and concerns.


We hope that children who are part of Ash Primary School are passionate about ICT and technology; and not only have a love for learning but can appreciate its value within the curriculum and in their own well-being.

Stephen Ives - ICT Coordinator