Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Ash CofE Primary School

At Ash School, Design and Technology (D/T) forms an important part of the curriculum. We believe D/T education stimulates creativity and imagination through problem solving and the production of quality products. Therefore, we believe that it should be taught as an individual subject as well as incorporated into other curriculum areas where appropriate.

In Key Stage 1 the children will learn to design purposeful, functional and appealing products that are based on design criteria. They will learn how to join materials.They will make products by using a wide range of materials and develop the use of tools to cut, shape, join and finish. They will learn to evaluate products and suggest how they could be improved to be ever more effective. They will learn to cook simple food with an emphasis on healthy, savoury dishes and will learn the importance of good nutrition.

In Key Stage 2 the children will learn to design purposeful products that are aimed at particular individuals or groups. They will develop their ideas through detailed planning, evaluating product design, observational drawings and making prototypes. They will learn how to use different and more complex joining techniques. They will make products and learn how to use a wider variety of tools, equipment, materials and components. Techniques learned in Key Stage 1 will be built on and enhanced. They will learn how to include mechanical, electrical and computer control into products. They will learn to design and cook food with an emphasis on healthy, savoury dishes.

Progression in D/T will be assessed through work completed in pupils’ sketch books, displays, written work and photographic evidence.

Children will be prepared with the design skills and understanding required to further their own interests in the area. The ability to create something and then see it used is an immensely satisfying and powerful one, and one we hope to instil within the children, fueling them with a desire to see what they can achieve now and in the future, with the techniques first learned at our school.

Tim Jones, Design and Technology Coordinator