Curriculum Statement for Spanish at Ash Primary School - Co-ordinator: Katie Wilkinson

At Ash Primary School it is our intent that all pupils gain a love of language learning. We believe that learning a second language provides pupils with a greater understanding of the world and is an important way for pupils to develop the British values of respect and tolerance. Our Spanish programme of study fosters cultural understanding and allows pupils to think and express themselves in new ways. We prepare children for later language study by providing them with a strong knowledge of Spanish vocabulary, grammar and phonics, and with the motivation and confidence to pursue further language learning.


All Spanish lessons at Ash Primary School are taught by a subject specialist.

Research shows that certain aspects of language learning are easier at a young age, so we start teaching Spanish in Reception with a focus on phonics, listening and singing together. In EYFS and KS1 children receive half an hour a week of Spanish. They have access to authentic texts and a range of Spanish voices, and they begin to develop their inter-cultural understanding. Children begin to read and write in Spanish and enjoy performing in role play scenarios to develop their speaking abilities.

In KS2 pupils receive an hour of Spanish every fortnight. Pupils continue with the aspects of language learning introduced in KS1. They also develop a deeper understanding of grammatical structures, and gain confidence with their speaking, listening, reading and writing, through lessons targeted on improving these skills. We cover a wide range of themes which include, among other things, practical vocabulary, cultural knowledge and opportunities to perform and/or publish their work.

We use cyclical or ‘spiral’ schemes of work so that pupils revisit prior content. This helps them to develop confidence and a greater sense of fluency by applying language they know well in new ways.

Children are provided with enrichment opportunities like attending languages events at local secondary schools and attending Spanish club. We also provide opportunities for children to communicate with native speakers through our links to Spanish schools who are part of our ERASMUS project, and for some children to visit Spain (Spring 2020)



Our Spanish teaching at Ash Primary School allows children to expand their horizons by gaining the ability to communicate in a second language, by learning about Spanish culture and by accessing enrichment opportunities. By the end of their time at Ash pupils will have benefitted from shared cultural experiences and will be prepared to continue their language study at secondary school.

Katie Wilkinson – MFL coordinator