PSHE Curriculum at Ash Church of England Primary School

The intent of the PSHE curriculum at Ash Primary school is to

  • Ensure pupils are able to work collaboratively towards shared goals.
  • Ensure pupils are able to recognise, predict and assess risks in different situations and are able to manage them responsibly.
  • Ensure pupils understand their rights and responsibilities as members of families, school and as
  • Ensure pupils learn to set goals and celebrate their achievements.
  • Ensure pupils understand where money comes from, keeping it safe and the importance of managing it effectively.
  • Ensure pupils have a basic understanding of enterprise
  • Provide a framework through which sensitive discussions can take place


The curriculum will be implemented by

  • Being taught as discrete lessons as part of the RSE, PSHE and Physical Health and Mental Health curriculum as well as being incorporated into other areas of the curriculum and school life.
  • The use of an ‘ask basket ‘to be used in each class during each lesson so pupils’ own concerns can be heard and addressed.
  • By ensuring student voice through the school council and making of class rules in each class.
  • By recognising success during weekly celebration assemblies.
  • By giving opportunities to work collaboratively outside the classroom and develop self-esteem and resilience during residential visits (each year through KS2) and trips (all year groups, each year).
  • All year 6 pupils are given a reception buddy. They meet up with their buddies at playtime to support them, they meet to share reading and once a half term there is an activity which requires the year 6 to support their buddies eg harvest assembly or making of Christingles.
  • During year 6 pupils are encouraged to take part in Bikeability and enterprise projects.
  • During year 6 there are regular ‘What’s in the News’ lessons where pupils are encouraged to share their views and appreciate the views of others.
  • All pupils receive a visit from a bank professional to learn about money at a level appropriate for their understanding.
  • All pupils have the opportunity to take part in school productions during the school year.
  • The school takes part in the Erasmus project, during which the whole school has an opportunity to host visiting teachers and some year 6 pupils have the opportunity to visit other schools in different parts of Europe (2019 – 2020)



  • The pupils will be happy, confident and responsible members of the school and wider community.
  • The pupils will develop skills of independence and have the ability to keep themselves safe.

Sue Llewelyn – PSHE Co-ordinator.