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At Ash Church of England Primary School we value highly the opportunities provided through Sport and PE. They support the children’s health and well-being and provide a strong platform for their future lives. We offer a range of sporting opportunities as part of the curriculum and as extra-curricular activities. The children participate in Wake and Shake for several mornings per week which starts the day on a positive, active note providing stimulation for their academic work. The children have two lessons per week of PE and those from Year 1 to Year 6 have the opportunity to attend the local swimming pool for lessons.

The skills developed support not only physical well-being and positive benefits for the children’s health but also many important characteristics to help the children achieve in their lives. It offers opportunities for the children develop the Ash School Spirit especially in the areas of teamwork, trying their best and in developing skills of resilience and determination. It offers opportunities to develop their confidence and learn how to cope with both success and failure. There are many different opportunities for children to join in teams in both intra and inter school competitions.

More information regarding our PE and Sports Provision is available here.

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