Eramus + Project

We are part of an Erasmus + Project entitled ‘Innovation in Language Teaching’.

We are working with partner schools across Europe to support our teaching and learning in the school. The project has eight member schools which include a second English school , based in Bristol, and schools based in Belgium, Spain, Sweden and two schools from Italy.

The project runs for three years and will focus on reading, writing and speaking and listening. Each school is sharing the ways in which they teach and develop their own language. There are many opportunities for the teachers at Ash to learn about new strategies and approaches in teaching and learning for the children in the primary school setting. The children are involved in working together and there is the opportunity for some of the older pupils to visit another school to meet with pupils from the various countries. The children will act as ambassadors representing Ash Church of England Primary School working and playing with their new friends.

One of the first activities which we did together was to design a logo for the project. Everyone sent their entries and then voted for the one we felt represented the project the best. A Swedish entry was selected and is seen below:


Members of the teaching team have the opportunity to visit some of the schools and to lead presentations on the work we are doing at Ash. It is a very exciting experience for adults and children alike and we are especially looking forward to the pupil mobilities in March when eight of our oldest children will have the opportunity to visit Hanham Abbots School in Bristol.