School Policies

School Policies documents available for download.   Print copies of all website information is available on request, further information is available here.

Ash CEVC Primary School Equality Statement.

Ash CEVC Primary School Anti-Bullying Policy.

Ash CEVC Primary School Behaviour Policy - January 2020.

Ash CEVC Primary School Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy.

Ash CEVC Primary School Charging and Remissions Policy.

Ash CEVC Primary School Concerns and Complaints Guidance for Parents/Carers Policy.

Ash CEVC Primary School Admissions Policy.

Where an application has been refused in any year group, the child will be placed on a waiting list. This will be kept strictly in order of oversubscription criteria by the Local Authority, as the Admission Authority, and the child will remain on the waiting list until the end of the academic year in which the application was refused.

Parents are responsible for informing the Admission Authority of any changes in their circumstances, which could affect their place on the waiting list.


Ash CEVC Primary School Safeguarding Policy.   The 'Lead Safeguarding Officer' is Mrs Bennett.  The 'Deputy Safeguarding Officer' is Mrs Strong.

If you have any safeguarding concerns then please contact us.

Ash CEVC Primary School - E-Safety Policy

Ash Primary School - Attendance Policy

Publicaiton Scheme for Ash Church of England Primary School, providing public access to data/information held by the school. Published Spring 2020.