Cooking Challenge - 2020

An opportunity for the children to take part in a cooking challenge.

The activity is being run as a competition by the Zing team who have been working with the children in Class 4 on Thursday afternoons.  They have made different savoury wedges and courgette and lemon muffins. It has been organised to promote healthy eating and encourage children to cook a recipe to share with their family.

The competition will have prizes donated by Asda for the winners. It has been fun and informative for the children. 

Vegan squash bake by Josh (Year 6).

Zucini Fries by Monty (Reception Class)

Very Garlicky Chicken & Bacon Pasta by Corinne (Year 3) and Coleson (Year 1)

Fajitas by Freddie (Year 3)

Cherry Crumble by Kellan  (Year 2)


Tasty Coconut Curry and Rice by Mabel (Year 4)

Pizza by Florence (Year 3)

Fab Breakfast Muffins by Holly (Year 4)

Chickpea, Potato and Spinach Curry by Grace (Year 6)

Citrus Slushy by Elouise (Year 6)

Parsley Tagliatelle with Homemade Fish Cakes Recipe by Elouise (Year 6)

Chicken in a Basket by Massimo (Year 4)

Stormy Sunday Stew by Lydia (Year 4)

Fruity Fantastic Feast by Lydia (Year 4)

Jolly Pitta Pizzas by Josh (Reception Class)

Rocket Bars by Robbie (Year 2)

Epic Enchiladas by Seb (Year 3)

Chicken and Vegetable Rice by Tara (Year 2)

Homemade Pizza by Alexander (Year 2)

Spaghetti Bolognese by Jonathan (Year 6)

Chilli by Harry (Year 2)

Veggie Patch Hummus in a Pot by Hillson (Reception Class)

Spiced Chicken and Vegetable Soup by Richard (Year 4)

Pizza Pitta Faces by Rico (Year 3)

Piggy Pie by Lily (Reception Class)

VeggyLlicious Lasagne By Thais (Year 1)

Bobotie By Ava – Year 5

Spinach Strudel by Megan - Year 4

Paprika Meatball Letters with Hassleback Potatoes by Ruby

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